Bodybuilding and Cycling

You may be wondering why people that cycle would bother to do some form of body building at all? It doesn't make sense to try and be strong and heavy, when you're trying to be fast and nimble. And there's some wisdom in that, but below we're going to explore why some forms of bodybuilding are not bad - as well as the importance of supplements found at

To start with, body building doesn't always have to mean that you look like a tank. Many people use body building to help them with their races or long distance cycling trips because it can increase their muscle mass. Since you're going to be using your muscles, it makes sense to have more muscles right?

Well there is a certain point where you're going to need to stop and this is where we can help. See, many people link to lift as heavy a weight as possible, and this helps them isolate their muscles to build huge strength in those primary and secondary muscles. However, if you want to do cycling you're going to need to come up with a fresh strategy.

By this point you're probably asking, why is this useful for cycling? Well, having a strong set of legs is going to help you drive more power to your pedal and keep you from being fatigued. It's the same as boxing, a lot of them have strong upper body and core muscles, but they also need to work on their legs. Stamina is important in boxing, just as it is in cycling.

This is especially important in endurance racing, because you're going to be driving your muscles hard for a long time. When the body runs out of glucose it will start breaking down your muscles for energy, this is where that weak leg feeling comes from. It stands to reason then, that the more muscles you have in your body, the more fuel you will have.

We do recommend that you take some glucose pouches with you, it's not good to burn out all of your muscles in a single race, and to stop your body from breaking down you're going to need to stock up on supplements ready for the race.

This is where the crucial saying, fail to prepare and prepare to fail - starts to have some meaning. When you are training in the gym to strengthen your body, you're going to need to keep yourself in good condition. When you buy supplments for body building you can help to keep your body regenerating more fibres that will help you to stay lean and full of energy.

Protein shakes are not just useful for the power lifters at the gym, but for every person that is doing regular workouts and need to keep their body in good shape.